All the latest information for the latest season of Fortnite

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Fortnite latest season, which is Chapter 5 Season 3, is kicking off with a bang and is known as “Wrecked” which is a callback to all the dieselpunk genre movies of the past that feature Mad Max-like boss battles and environments!

In order for a deep dive into everything that is waiting to be discovered by you players, read on further to see what’s the latest hot topic!

Fortnite Metallica Music Concert

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the fact that Fortnite is a cultural powerhouse, and its high-profile collaborations have continued to cement this fact. Take Billy Eilish’s Collaboration, for example. Or Travis Scott, even.

The upcoming leaks have all but confirmed that the latest artist to collaborate with Fortnite would be the classic Heavy Metal band, Metallica Fortnite! The Billie Eilish Collaboration hasn’t ended just yet, and it’s rumored to end on June 13; until then, you have the perfect chance to buy her skins via your V Bucks card, which you can buy from our store at U7BUY, where the most affordable and pocket-friendly rates will be offered to gamers all around the world.

X-Men’s Magneto coming to Fortnite Battle Pass!

Fortnite sure loves a Marvel Crossover, and it’s been pretty frequent with this company, too! It may hit in the middle of the season, but the big bad villain of the X-Men series, Magneto is making its way into Fortnite via Battle Pass!

Like previous collaborations, you can use your V-Bucks or you can complete the set challenges of the season to acquire this Skin. What the in-game Challenges will be? We don’t know that yet.

Fallout Fortnite Collab

Bethesda’s Post-Apocalyptic franchise, Fallout, is making an appearance on Fortnite as the brand has had a resurgence of sorts, thanks to its Live-Action TV Show adaption that has been reviewed for critical acclaim.

There haven’t been many details released about this collaboration at the moment but it does seem that a Fallout-inspired Location will be added to the Battle Royale map! And that’s not all. The iconic T-60 Power Skin from the Fallout Series will be made available too. On the battle Royale Pass, that is.

Vehicular Combat and Wasteland Warriors

You may be wondering, how is Vehicular Combat getting integrated into the main game. Well, you can thank the ability to mod cars for that as you can have six mods installed at your cars that can take out any opponents you can set your sights on and that also includes the NPC Crew of Wasteland Warriors that roam around the island and cause their own brand of mayhem and destruction.

Find the NPC bosses off, and get loads of rewards to boost up your gameplay experience.