Mary Lou Retton Net Worth Revealed: 2024 Update

Mary Lou Retton Net Worth Revealed: 2024 Update

In 2024, Mary Lou Retton Net Worth Is $2 Million. Mary Lou Retton is a name synonymous with excellence in gymnastics.

Born in 1968 in Fairmont, West Virginia, Retton became a household name in 1984 when she became the first American woman to win an individual Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

But her success didn’t end there. Today, we’re looking at the latest update on Mary Lou Retton Net Worth as she continues to inspire future generations with her athletic prowess and determination.

Mary Lou Retton Bio Wiki

Date of BirthJan 24, 1968
Age56 Years
Birth PlaceWest Virginia, United States
ResidenceWest Virginia, United States
CountryUnited States
ProfessionRetired Gymnast
FatherRonnie Retton
MotherLois Retton

Who Is Mary Lou Retton?

Mary Lou Retton Net Worth Revealed: 2024 Update

Mary Lou Retton is a name that shines in gymnastics history. She emerged from Fairmont, West Virginia, with a dream. Her journey in gymnastics began at an early age. By 1984, she had captivated the world.

Her performance in the Olympics was nothing short of legendary. Retton’s achievements set a new standard for American gymnasts. She didn’t just win; she inspired. Beyond her Olympic success, Retton became an icon.

Her influence extends beyond the gym. Today, she is a motivational speaker and advocate. Her story is one of perseverance and triumph. Mary Lou Retton remains a beacon of excellence. Her legacy continues to inspire athletes everywhere.

Mary Lou Retton Early Life and Family

Mary Lou Retton was born into a loving, supportive family. Her parents, Ronnie and Lois Retton, always encouraged her dreams. She grew up in Fairmont, a small town in West Virginia, where she first discovered her passion for gymnastics.

From a young age, Retton showed immense talent. Her family’s support was unwavering as she pursued her ambitions. They often traveled for her competitions, showcasing their dedication. Retton has four siblings, each proud of her achievements.

Her early life was marked by determination and family encouragement. This solid foundation helped shape her into the champion she became. The Retton family remains close, celebrating her successes together.

Mary Lou Retton Amazing Career

Mary Lou Retton Net Worth Revealed: 2024 Update

Mary Lou Retton’s career is the stuff of legends. In 1984, she took the Olympics by storm. Her performance was electrifying, securing her place in history. She didn’t stop at just one medal—Retton bagged five.

This haul included two silver and two bronze, alongside her gold. Post-Olympics, Retton didn’t fade away. She became a sought-after endorser. Brands loved her wholesome image. She appeared on cereal boxes, a true American icon.

Retton also ventured into broadcasting. She provided expert commentary for gymnastics events, and her insights were always sharp and welcomed. Today, she’s a motivational speaker.

Mary Lou Retton Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Weight65 KG
Height5 feet 7 inches

Mary Lou Retton Husband/Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Mary Lou Retton found love outside the gymnastics world. She married Shannon Kelley in 1990. Their marriage was a notable event. Kelley, a former University of Texas quarterback, complemented her well.

Together, they have four daughters, each talented in their own right. Their relationship stood the test of time, spanning over two decades. However, in 2018, Retton revealed they had divorced.

This news surprised many of her fans. Since then, Retton has kept her personal life private. She focuses on her family and career. Her current relationship status is not publicly known. Retton remains a beloved figure, and her personal life is drawing interest.

Mary Lou Retton Net Worth

As of 2024, Mary Lou Retton Net Worth is estimated at $2 million. This impressive sum reflects her remarkable career in gymnastics, including her Olympic success and ventures into endorsements, broadcasting, and motivational speaking.

Retton’s financial success is a testament to her hard work, talent, and the diverse avenues she has explored post-gymnastics. Her enduring legacy and personal brand have contributed significantly to Mary Lou Retton Net Worth, making her one of the most recognized figures in gymnastics.

Future Plan and Goals

Mary Lou Retton eyes the future with ambition. Her goals are diverse, and she aims to inspire more. She plans to expand her role as a motivational speaker. Empowering young athletes is close to her heart.

Retton also wants to delve into writing. A book may be on the horizon, sharing her life’s journey. Coaching young gymnasts is another passion. She hopes to pass on her wisdom and experience. Retton is involved in health and fitness advocacy.

Additionally, her goal is to increase her charitable work. Giving back to the community is essential to her. Mary Lou Retton’s plans are as dynamic as her career.

Mary Lou Retton on Social Media

Mary Lou Retton embraces the digital age with a notable presence on social media platforms. On Instagram, she has garnered a strong following of 96.2K followers, sharing moments from her personal life, motivational insights, and flashbacks to her gymnastic glory days.

Her Facebook page also connects with fans, boasting 7.6K followers. Through these channels, Retton engages with her audience, offering glimpses into her life post-gymastics and her ongoing endeavors in motivation and fitness.

Fun Facts about Mary Lou Retton

  • She was named after her grandmother.
  • Mary Lou has Italian heritage.
  • Her signature move is the “Retton Flip.”
  • She met her husband at a University of Texas game.
  • Retton appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.
  • She has a cameo in “Scrooged,” a Christmas movie.
  • The gymnast has four daughters, all athletes.
  • Mary Lou loves to cook Italian dishes.
  • She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997.
  • Retton carried the Olympic Torch in 2002.
  • She has her line of fitness equipment.
  • Mary Lou is a fan of country music.
  • She often speaks at schools about fitness and health.

Mary Lou Retton Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Olympic medals did Mary Lou Retton win?

Mary Lou Retton won five medals in the 1984 Olympics: one gold, two silver, and two bronze making her one of the most successful American gymnasts.

When did Mary Lou Retton retire from gymnastics?

Mary Lou Retton officially retired from competitive gymnastics in 1986, just two years after her historic Olympic victory.

Does Mary Lou Retton have any children?

Mary Lou Retton and her former husband, Shannon Kelley, have four daughters, all of whom have pursued athletic endeavors.

What is Mary Lou Retton’s signature gymnastics move?

Mary Lou Retton is famous for the “Retton Flip,” a move that showcases her exceptional power and agility in gymnastics.

Is Mary Lou Retton active on social media?

Yes, Mary Lou Retton actively engages with fans, sharing insights into her life and motivational messages through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Mary Lou Retton’s journey is a testament to resilience. From her early days in West Virginia, she dreamed big. Her Olympic gold marked a historic achievement. Today, Mary Lou Retton Net Worth of $2 million speaks volumes.

It’s not just her gymnastic feats that inspire. Her role as a motivational speaker resonates widely. Her plans show a commitment to uplifting others. On social media, she connects with fans globally.

Her life, beyond gymnastics, continues to influence many. Retton’s legacy in sports is unparalleled. Her story encourages aspiring athletes everywhere. Indeed, Mary Lou Retton remains an enduring icon in gymnastics.