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Are you searching for the perfect pickleball gloves for sweaty hands, and is your hand sweat becoming a hindrance in your game? Players like Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns also like pickleball gloves. No need to worry; read on for pickleball gloves reviews of the top and best pickleball gloves with images in 2024.

Your battle in the pickleball game is at its peak; you’re playing a fantastic game when, all of a sudden, your paddle grip starts slipping, and the pickleball paddle falls out of your hand. What an awful situation! If you’re a pickleball player with constantly sweaty hands, you know the consequences of this all too well.

And sometimes, overgrips on paddles and towels are not enough to tackle this situation. You should not worry now; there is a very simple solution to regain control of the paddle and dominate the pickleball court.

In sports, gloves play a vital role for a bunch of reasons like protection, better grip, and improved performance. Different sports have their special types of gloves made to handle the specific needs of that game.

Why We Should Wear Gloves?

Let’s break down why we should wear gloves in sports and check out some examples of the different kinds designed for specific activities:

1. Pickleball Gloves: The Source of Moisture Absorption

In hot weather, some players face the challenge of their paddle slipping despite attempts to regrip. Quality gloves come to the rescue, ensuring a firm grip even when palms get sweaty. Players dealing with heavy perspiration often experiment with powders, creams, and sprays, but these solutions provide only temporary relief.

On the other hand, gloves offer a cost-effective, long-lasting solution, making them popular in various sports like racquetball, squash, platform tennis, and, of course, pickleball.

2. Helpful in Cold Weather

In colder northern climates, gripping a pickleball paddle becomes challenging, but the passion for playing persists. To maintain a solid connection with the paddle, it’s essential to protect the fingers and palm. Sports like platform tennis, pickleball, and similar racquet sports avoid wet conditions due to slippery courts.

Additionally, the risk of skidding rises, especially with the hard plastic balls in pickleball. Consequently, pickleball gloves aren’t crafted for optimal grip in rainy or snowy weather, focusing more on providing comfort and protection in drier conditions.

3. Guard Against Blisters with Pickleball Glove Protection

For new and frequent pickleball players, blisters can be a common issue. Regular play tends to lead to the development of calluses, but until then, gloves serve as a protective measure against blisters or aid in recovery from them.

Whether you’re a beginner or a frequent player, gloves offer a practical solution to keep your hands comfortable during pickleball sessions.

4. Cushioned Comfort: Boost Your Pickleball Experience

A glove’s cushioning, typically made from durable leather, acts as a protective barrier between the hand and the paddle. This premium leather material is not only lightweight but also offers a solid grip.

It ensures comprehensive protection for the entire hand, covering fingertips, knuckles, and the wrist – exactly where it’s needed during pickleball play.

Types of Pickleball Gloves

Racquetball Gloves

In indoor racquetball games, players have turned to wearing gloves as a solution to prevent their racquets from slipping during crucial points. After all, winning points becomes quite challenging when the tool to strike the ball is dangling around the wrist.


Mitts take a unique approach, ensuring continuous contact between the hand and the pickleball paddle as the mitt wraps around both. Innovations like the Tourna Hot Glove Mitt not only keep the hand warm but also allow the player to retain a complete feel for their shots.

Other Gloves

For players seeking the ideal balance between protection and grip, breathable leather with limited airflow, such as washable goatskin leather, is a preferred choice. Brands offering these features often come at a higher cost due to the premium quality they provide.

Best Pickleball Gloves For Men

When selecting pickleball gloves for men, prioritize a snug fit and breathable materials like leather or synthetic options. Look for enhanced grip technology to improve control over the paddle and ball. Padding and ventilation are essential for comfort and injury prevention during extended play.

Consider a reliable closure system and opt for brands with a reputation for quality gear, such as Franklin, HEAD, Selkirk, or GAMMA. Factor in your budget while aiming for a balance between cost and durability. Here are the top picks for pickleball gloves for sweaty hands. You’ll appreciate this selection.

1. Franklin Sports Pickleball Gloves

Overall Best

Pickleball Glove
  • Brand:- Franklin Sports
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-X-Small to X-Large
  • Price:– $19.99

Franklin’s Premium Pickleball gloves deliver enhanced control with high-quality leather for durability. The moisture-wicking material prevents slips, while extra padding ensures comfort and blister protection. Each glove is sold individually, accommodating both right and left-handed players. Boost your pickleball experience with Franklin’s precision-focused design.

2. Selkirk Attaktix Premium Pickleball Glove

Overall Best-Well Grip

Pickleball Glove for Sweaty hands
  • Brand:- Selkirk
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-X-Small to X-Large
  • Price:- $42.95

The sticky palm material ensures a solid grip, even during sweaty and intense matches. Specifically designed for pickleball, this glove prevents your paddle from slipping. Plus, with added padding and an ergonomic design, it keeps you comfortable and protected, allowing you to play without worrying about hand fatigue.

3. HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove 

Overall Best and Top Rated

Head Conquest Racquetball Glove
  • Brand:- HEAD
  • Material:-Synthetic
  • Size:- X-Small to X-Large
  • Price:-$19.95

HEAD PERFORMANCE: Pioneers in athletic equipment, HEAD offers top-tier racquetball gear. These gloves feature Cabretta ultra-soft leather for lightweight comfort and a Pittard’s tacky leather strip for an unmatched grip. The high-performance ventilated spandex fabric and Airprene technology ensure circulation, cooling, and knuckle protection, allowing for peak performance.

4. Head Ballistic CT Racquetball Glove

Overall Fantastic

Head Ballistic CT Racquetball Glove
  • Brand:- Head
  • Material:-Faux Leather, Silicone, Leather
  • Size:-Small to X-Large
  • Price:- $19.94- $39.99

HexPro Pickleball gloves deliver exceptional performance with features like Black Premium Perforated Cabretta Leather, Synthetic Leather with Silicon Pattern for enhanced grip, and Leather Backing on key fingers for durability. The Airprene technology ensures increased knuckle protection and ventilation. These gloves provide a winning combination of comfort, durability, and performance, making them a top choice for pickleball enthusiasts.

5. HEAD AMP Pro CopperTech Racquetball Glove

Overall Best For Comfort

Head Ballistic CT Racquetball Glove
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  • Glove Type:-Pitcher
  • Brand:- HEAD
  • Material:-Synthetic
  • Size:- X-Small to X-Large
  • Price:- $25.95 to $27.95

HEAD PERFORMANCE: Top-tier racquetball gear by HEAD boasts copper-infused fabric for improved circulation and quicker recovery. Crafted with durable Cabretta leather, the gloves ensure comfort and reliability. The perforated DRYZONE fabric offers ventilation during intense matches, while Airprene technology provides increased knuckle protection and ventilation for the ultimate grip.

6. CUZINA HexPro Pickleball Racquetball Glove

Overall Best-Most Durable

CUZINA HexPro Pickleball Racquetball Glove
  • Brand:- CUZINA
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-X-Small to Large
  • Price:- $29.99

HexPro Pickleball gloves, available in 7 sizes and 12 colors, provide a superior fit with Cabretta Leather and ZinaTuff reinforcement for enhanced grip and gameplay. The Cu29 Wristband keeps hands dry for a non-slip paddle grip. Winter-ready warmth, reduced fatigue, and improved motion control make these gloves a versatile choice. Each purchase includes an ActiveFresh charcoal bag for moisture absorption and glove maintenance.

Pickleball Gloves For Women

Choosing the right pickleball gloves for women involves considering factors like size, materials, grip technology, and comfort. Look for gloves with a secure fit and breathable materials, such as leather or synthetic options. Enhanced grip technology and sufficient padding contribute to better control and comfort during play.

Ventilation is crucial, especially for extended matches. Brands like Franklin, HEAD, Selkirk, or GAMMA offer reputable options. Balance your preferences with your budget to find gloves that suit your playing style and needs. Here are the top picks for pickleball gloves for sweaty hands for women. You’ll appreciate this selection.

1. AVANTIC Sports Glove for Tennis and Pickleball, Fingerless Mitt for Cold Weather for Women

Overall Best Choice

AVANTIC Sports Glove for Tennis and Pickleball For Women
  • Glove Type:-Mitten
  • Brand:- AVANTIC
  • Material:-Polyester
  • Size:-One Size
  • Price $23.99

Experience enhanced grip and warmth with our tennis gloves, designed for direct paddle contact while keeping your hand cozy. Featuring ultra-soft fleece lining, our mitt offers lightweight warmth without restricting movement, allowing you to play comfortably in any weather. Whether it’s rain or shine, our paddle mitt ensures your hand stays warm and your game remains strong, making it perfect for outdoor play in colder months or early mornings. With dual openings for easy paddle handle insertion and a snug wrist fit, our mitt guarantees a comfortable and adaptable experience. Crafted from premium polyester-blend fabric, our tennis hand warmer promises durability and exceptional quality, ensuring it withstands all your game sessions with ease.

2. Franklin Sports Pickleball Gloves for Women

Overall Best

Franklin Sports Pickleball Gloves for women
  • Glove Type:-Pitcher
  • Brand:- Franklin Sports
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-Small to X-Large

Franklin’s Premium Pickleball gloves offer increased control, perfect for women players seeking improved grip and precision shot-making on the court. Crafted with premium leather, these gloves provide durability and high-quality performance akin to our MLB batting gloves. The moisture-wicking leather material in these gloves effectively prevents slips caused by sweat, guaranteeing a firm grip even in the most intense matches. Plus, the added padding in the thumb and index finger not only prevents blisters but also ensures a consistently comfortable grip on the paddle. Sold individually for both right and left hands, they cater to women players of all preferences, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit for an optimal pickleball experience.

3. CUZINA HexPro Pickleball Racquetball Glove For Women

Overall Best & Most Durable

CUZINA HexPro Pickleball Racquetball Glove For Women
  • Glove Type:-Pitcher
  • Brand:- Franklin Sports
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-X-Small To X-Large
  • Price:- $45

HexPro Pickleball gloves cater to women players with a wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL, ensuring a perfect fit for every player, along with 12 color options to match your style. Crafted with CuziFit Cabretta Leather and ZinaTuff reinforcement zones, these gloves provide an exceptional fit and feel, enhancing your grip for improved gameplay. The integrated Cu29 Wristband efficiently absorbs sweat, ensuring your hands remain dry and comfortable throughout intense matches. Ideal for cold weather play, these gloves offer added protection to keep your hands warm. With reduced hand fatigue and improved mobility, you’ll experience better control and performance on the court. Plus, each glove comes with an ActiveFresh activated bamboo charcoal bag to absorb moisture and keep it fresh for your next match.

4. Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove For Women

Well Grip and Best of All

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove for women
  • Glove Type:-Pitcher
  • Brand:- Franklin Sports
  • Material:-Leather
  • Size:-X-Small
  • Price $21.95

Many premium leather gloves on the market tend to be thick, leading to sweaty hands. However, our Deluxe glove offers all the features of high-end gloves with a breathable Cabretta leather palm, ensuring your hand stays cool and dry game after game. Designed for women players, this glove combines style and functionality for an optimal playing experience. Additionally, this glove is washable for easy maintenance. To clean, hand wash in warm water with mild soap, then air dry away from heat. After drying, flex the glove to re-soften and shape it for continued comfort and performance. Enjoy comfort and performance without compromise with our Deluxe glove for women.


At the end of this article, I am sure, you’re in a position to buy the best pickleball gloves for sweaty hands or pickleball gloves for winter/cold weather for men and women to elevate your pickleball game.

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