Eugenie Bouchard Net Worth – Hidden Secrets Revealed In 2024

eugenie bouchard net worth

Do you wish to know Eugenie Bouchard net worth, the dynamic Canadian tennis sensation boasting a dazzling net worth, etched her name in history as the trailblazing first Canadian to clinch a Grand Slam singles title at the 2012 Wimbledon girls’ championship.

Bouchard fell in love with tennis when she was just five years old, and in 2012, she made a big impact by winning the Wimbledon girls’ singles title. This notable achievement marked her as the first Canadian player to win a Grand Slam in singles since 1988, paving the way for her successful future in tennis.

Eugenie Bouchard bio

Eugenie Bouchard Pickleball cum Tennis Player Bio

Name:- Eugenie Bouchard
Nickname:- Genie
Eugenie Bouchard Biography:-
Profession:- Ex-professional Tennis Player and Pickleball Player
Famous For:- 1. Being the 1st Canadian-born player representing Canada to reach the final of a Grand Slam tournament in singles.
2. Winning the 2012 Wimbledon girl’s title.
Father’s Name:- Michel Bouchard
Mother’s Name:- Julie Leclair
Siblings:- 2 sisters (Twin Beatrice Bouchard) and Charlotte Bouchard) and 1 brother William Bouchard
Famous Relatives: Uncle and Aunts:- Not known
Birthplace:- Westmount
Native City:–  Montreal, Canada
Presently Resides:-Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.
Zodiac Sign:-Pisces
Religion:- Christian
Race/Ethnicity: White
Body Measurement(B-W-H):- 33-24-35
Bra Size:- 32 B
Shoes Size(US):- 7
Born:– Feb 25, 1994 (29 Years, 10 Months, 27 Days on 21.01.2024)
Height:- 5 feet 10 inches(170cm and 1.78m)
Weight:-58 kg(128 Ibs)
Turned Pro:- 2009(Tennis) and 2024(Pickleball)
Coaches:- Rennae Stubbs, Nick Saviano, Frenchman Sam Sumyk, Thomas Hogstedt, Michael Joyce, Jorge Todero, Tim Blenkiron(All Tennis coaches) Tylor Loong(Pickleball provided coaching in her matches.)
Plays:- Right-handed
Married:- Unmarried
Spouse Name:- Nil
His Children: No child
Her Boyfriends:- Luke Bambridge(2012-13)Alex Galchenyuk(2013), Mason Rudolph(2020 – 2022), Connor Davis Jr. (2019 – 2020), Jordan Caron (2014 – 2017), John Goehrke(2017), and, Jack Brinkley-Cook(2022/Current)
Education:- The Study School in Westmount
Net Worth:- Approximately $6 million.
Youtube Channel:-
Gmail:[email protected]
Linktr. ee:- Not Known
Eyes Colors:- Blue
Hair Color:- Dark Blonde
Favorite Paddle:- Versix pickleball paddle(weight 7.8 – 8.1 oz)
Favorite Pet:- Dog
Favorite Color:- White and Red
Favorite Celebrities:- Chris Hemsworth(Actor)
Emma Watson (Actress)
Roger Federer(Player)
Dream Holiday Destination:– Hawaii & Paris
Favorite Food:- Chinese Food
Favourite Singer for dating:- Justin Bieber
Favourite Musician:- Jonas Brothers(Rock Band)
Her Sponsors:-Nike(Sportswear) Coca-Cola(Beverages) Aviva(Insurance) and
Usana (Health and wellness products)
Hobbies/Interests:- Eugenie Bouchard likes Football, Shopping, swimming and traveling.
Rankings Tennis:- Career round (297–226 /56.8%)
Highest Ranking No. 5 (20 October 2014)
Current Ranking No. 290 (21 January 2024)
Current Rankings Pickleball:- Not Known
Favorite Cars Collections:-Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche 911, and, Range Rover
Favorite Shoes:- He likes the comfortable shoes by New Balance.
Eugenie Bouchard Stats/Titles Won:- 1 WTA singles title at the 2014 Nuremberg Cup
Australian Open Semi Final (2014), French Open Semi Final (2014)
Wimbledon Final (2014), US Open 4th Round (2014, 2015), Australian Open 3rd Round(2014), Wimbledon 3rd Round(2013), US Open 2nd Round(2015), Hopman Cup RR (2014, 2015, 2018), and Fed Cup13–4 (76.5%)

DUPR Singles Rating:- Not known
DUPR Doubles Rating:-Not Known

Eugenie Bouchard Family Background

Eugenie Bouchard is a famous Canadian tennis player who was born on February 25, 1994, in Montreal, Quebec. Although detailed information about her family is not widely known, Eugenie has a close-knit family, and her parents have supported her tennis career.

Eugenie has two sisters, Beatrice and Charlotte, and a twin brother named William. The Bouchard family has been supportive of Eugenie’s tennis journey since she began playing at a young age.

Eugenie Bouchard soared to global acclaim in 2014 by advancing to the Wimbledon final, marking a historic achievement as the inaugural Canadian woman to reach the pinnacle of a Grand Slam singles tournament.

In short, Eugenie Bouchard net worth is the result of her remarkable tennis achievements, financial milestones, and sustained popularity in the public eye. Anticipations are high that as she advances in her career and further contributes to the sport, Bouchard’s net worth will see continued growth.

Eugenie Bouchard SiblingsSisters

Eugenie Bouchard Siblings

Eugenie Bouchard has a twin named Beatrice, who’s six minutes older. She also has a younger sister, Charlotte (born in ’95), and a brother, William (born in ’99). Cool fact: Bouchard and her twin are named after Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice of York.

William BouchardEugenie Bouchard brother

Charlotte’s name is inspired by Princess Caroline’s daughter, and William’s got his name from Prince William. It’s like having a bit of royalty in the family. Eugenie Bouchard sister, Charlotte Bouchard, recently grabbed attention with the announcement of her engagement.

Eugenie Bouchard Boyfriends List 2012-2023/Eugenie Bouchard Dating History

Here is a complete and publically known Genie Bouchard bf dating list from 2014 to 2023.

Eugenie Bouchard Boyfriends

Luke Bambridge(2012-2013):-She had a romantic involvement with British tennis player Luke Bambridge, but they went their separate ways in 2013.

Grigor Dimitrov Eugenie Bouchard /genie bouchard boyfriend 2023

Grigor Dimitrov:-In 2014, tennis stars Grigor Dimitrov and Genie Bouchard, fresh from his Acapulco Open win, took a break in Mexico. They were seen on a yacht, playing a special match on the water for the ATP. The duo, rumored to be a couple, arrived by helicopter, and then played tennis on a small sea court, creating buzz about their relationship.

Bouchard attended Dimitrov’s 2016 match against Andy Murray in Miami, fueling more rumors despite denials from both players.

mason rudolph and eugenie bouchard /eugenie bouchard boyfriend

Mason Rudolph:-Eugenie Bouchard’s enchanting tale with NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph unfolded against the backdrop of Pittsburgh’s nightlife in 2020. Speculation buzzed as Eugenie graced a local bar, and the duo officially stepped into the spotlight in 2021.

Mason’s declaration of love came in the form of a beach snapshot from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, adorned with the caption “My valentine.”

Despite the chapter closing in March 2022, their split was marked by an unusual decision — choosing to navigate the waters of friendship.

Alex Galchenyuk eugenie bouchard /eugenie bouchard bf

Alex Galchenyuk:-In 2014, Eugenie Bouchard was romantically linked with NHL player Alex Galchenyuk, a rising star with the Montreal Canadiens. Rumors circulated as pictures of the same-aged athletes attending games together surfaced online.

Galchenyuk, the third overall pick in the 2012 NHL draft, played a crucial role for the Canadiens, contributing significantly to their performance in the NHL playoffs.

Bouchard, known for her tennis prowess, achieved a breakthrough by reaching the semifinals of the Grand Slam. During the Australian Open in 2014, she faced off against Maria Sharapova, her idol, marking a pivotal moment in her tennis career.

john goehrke eugenie bouchard

John Goehrke:-Eugenie Bouchard’s 2017 Super Bowl prediction set the stage for an unforeseen connection with John Goehrke. A light-hearted bet was made: “If the Patriots win, we go on a date?” Eugenie, true to her word, honored the bet, leading to shared moments at NBA games, beach retreats, and cozy home scenes.

However, like the fading echoes of a playful bet, their connection gradually receded.

Jordan Caron Eugenie Bouchard

Jordan Caron:- Hand-in-Hand Across Continents Eugenie’s rendezvous with ice hockey player Jordan Caron painted a picture of vacation bliss, captured in moments of hand-holding strolls, including a picturesque encounter in Spain in 2017.

Yet, as the curtains rose on Eugenie’s famous Super Bowl date, it hinted that the romantic script with Jordan Caron had reached its final act — evident in the digital unfollowing on Instagram.

Connor Davis jr. eugenie bouchard

Connor Davis Jr.:- In September 2019, Eugenie Bouchard’s romantic escapade with investment banker Connor Davis became the talk of the town, unveiled by the Sun. The sandy shores of Miami witnessed their affection, immortalized in a stolen kiss.

Adding a touch of intrigue, Davis was rumored to be the brother of American supermodel and former tennis player Hannah Jeter, elevating their love story to a blend of finance, fame, and beachside passion.

Jack Brinkley-Cook Eugenie Bouchard /eugenie bouchard dating

Jack Brinkley-Cook:- Present PassionsThe current chapter in Eugenie Bouchard’s romantic saga unfolds with Jack Brinkley-Cook, heir to American model and actress Christie Brinkley. This newest twist in Eugenie’s tale carries a distinct flavor, blending the essence of varied relationships with a unique narrative. As of now, the ink on Eugenie’s love story remains unwritten concerning children.

Eugenie Bouchard Tennis Career and Earning

Eugenie Bouchard has enjoyed a successful tennis career, accumulating a total of $6,685,018 in prize money. Her noteworthy performances in various tournaments, such as reaching the Wimbledon finals in 2014 and finishing as the runner-up, as well as making it to the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open, have significantly contributed to her impressive career earnings.

Throughout her career, Bouchard has consistently earned prize money through both singles and doubles matches, showcasing her determination and skill on the court. Her success in prestigious events not only brings financial rewards but also reinforces her reputation as a formidable tennis player.

In her own words, Bouchard acknowledges the hard work she has invested in her career, expressing satisfaction in seeing her dedication pay off financially and using it as motivation to strive for continued success. As she continues to compete at the professional level, each tournament presents an opportunity for Bouchard to increase her career earnings and strengthen her financial standing.

The table below highlights some of her notable achievements and the corresponding prize money from key tournaments:

Table with Yellow Background
Tournament Year Prize Money
Wimbledon 2014 $1,462,663
Australian Open 2014 $700,111
French Open 2014 $380,613

Bouchard’s substantial career earnings and prize money serve as a testament to her talent and success in professional tennis. As she continues to compete and achieve notable results, her financial standing is expected to grow, further establishing her as one of the top players in the sport.

Eugenie Bouchard Canadian tennis player

Eugenie Bouchard Pickleball Career

Former tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, now with the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), surprised fans by joining for the 2024 season. Despite continuing tennis, she’s in California playing pickleball with Querrey, Sock, and Young, skipping the Australian Open. Partnered with Tyler Loong, ranked 18th in men’s doubles, she competed at the PPA Masters from January 9 to 14.

Querrey, a tennis-to-pickleball convert, is advising Bouchard. In her recent pickleball debut at the Hyundai Masters, Bouchard lost all three matches, including a singles clash with Ekaterina Biakina, dropping sets 11-1 and 11-7.

Eugenie Bouchard’s Brand Value

Despite a decline in on-court performance, Eugenie Bouchard’s brand remains robust. Gaining global recognition in her breakout 2014 season, she continues to be a prominent figure in tennis, contributing to her enduring brand value.

Bouchard’s marketability and popularity, driven by her on-court success, especially at grand slam tournaments, have made her a sought-after athlete for endorsement deals. Collaborating with major brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Aviva, and Usana, she continues to showcase her broad appeal and market value.

Her active presence on social media, boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram, and engaging with fans have further elevated her brand. Bouchard’s strong personal brand resonates with her audience, solidifying her as a notable and marketable figure in the sports world.

Eugenie Bouchard net worth

Eugenie Bouchard‘s Endorsement and Sponsorship Deals

Eugenie Bouchard’s on-court success has attracted numerous endorsement and sponsorship deals, thanks to her marketable image and strong presence in the tennis world. Throughout her career, she has partnered with renowned companies, solidifying her status as a sought-after athlete for endorsements.

One notable past endorsement deal was with Nike, a global sportswear leader. As a Nike athlete, Bouchard showcased their apparel and footwear in competitive matches and promotional events, enhancing her visibility and brand recognition globally.

Beyond her iconic association with Nike, Bouchard has forged lucrative endorsement deals with other major brands such as Coca-Cola, Aviva, and Usana. These strategic partnerships have not only added to her financial success but also expanded her influence far beyond the tennis court, connecting with a diverse and extensive audience.

By aligning with reputable brands, Bouchard has demonstrated her ability to transcend the sport and become a recognizable figure in popular culture.

Brand and Product Table
Brand Product
Nike Sportswear
Coca-Cola Beverages
Aviva Insurance
Usana Health and wellness products

Eugenie Bouchard‘s Philanthropic Work

Eugenie Bouchard, celebrated for her tennis prowess, extends her impact beyond the court as a dedicated philanthropist, actively supporting various causes.

She collaborates with organizations like the Aviva Community Fund, focusing on community projects, and partners with Cancer for College, Cancer Research Society, and USANA True Health Foundation to raise awareness and funds for cancer-related initiatives.

Bouchard’s commitment to making a positive impact extends to fundraising events like the “All in Challenge,” showcasing her dedication to causes close to her heart.

Eugenie Bouchard net worth

Eugenie Bouchard Net Worth and Property and Residence

Eugenie Bouchard net worth is $6 Million, calls Las Vegas, Nevada, home and often frequents Miami, Florida, for her intensive training sessions. Her choice of locations is strategic, as both cities offer favorable weather conditions and access to world-class training facilities. Las Vegas serves as her primary residence away from Canada, providing her with a base to focus on her career.

In Las Vegas, Bouchard owns a beautiful house that showcases her success and reflects her taste. The house, located in a prestigious neighborhood, offers privacy, luxury, and ample amenities for her comfort. With its modern design, spacious rooms, and stunning views, the property is a testament to Bouchard’s achievements both on and off the court.

Moreover, Miami plays a crucial role in Bouchard’s training regimen. The city’s vibrant tennis scene, coupled with its warm climate, provides the ideal setting for intense practice sessions and competitive matches.

By splitting her time between Las Vegas and Miami, Bouchard can make the most of the training opportunities and resources available in each location, enhancing her performance and maintaining her competitive edge. She has two residences at the following addresses:-


Las Vegas, NevadaOwned house
Miami, FloridaTraining base

Eugenie Bouchard Cars Collection:-

  1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Among her possessions is the opulent Mercedes-Benz S-Class, recognized for its sophisticated design and state-of-the-art features. This upscale sedan delivers a plush ride and cutting-edge technology.
  2. Porsche 911: Bouchard’s collection includes the stylish Porsche 911, a timeless sports car celebrated for its formidable performance and iconic aesthetics. The 911 epitomizes speed, agility, and precision.
  3. Range Rover: Bouchard is also the owner of a Range Rover, a robust yet luxurious SUV. Renowned for its off-road prowess, capacious interiors, and chic exterior, the Range Rover combines ruggedness with refinement.
Eugenie Bouchard Net Worth

Conclusion – Eugenie Bouchard Net Worth

Eugenie Bouchard has amassed a net worth of $6 million through her successful tennis career and financial ventures. Notably, her achievements on the court, including being the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam in singles, have played a key role in her financial success.

In addition to her career earnings, Bouchard has secured lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Nike and Yonex, further enhancing her net worth and solidifying her brand value in tennis.

Beyond her financial achievements, Bouchard actively engages in philanthropic work, collaborating with charities and participating in fundraising events to make a positive impact on various causes.

While her net worth may fluctuate in the future, Bouchard’s financial success, coupled with her marketability and popularity, ensures her continued prominence in both the tennis world and the business realm.