2023 Guide: How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle Like A Pro

How to hold a pickleball paddle

Do you know how to hold a pickleball paddle? Of course, many people don’t know. Pickleball is the most popular and fastest-growing sport in the world.

It’s getting more popular day by day. The beginners of pickleball want to learn how to hold a pickleball paddle during the game. In pickleball, there’re three types of pickleball grips that are used by players from beginners to experienced levels. These grips are known as Continental Grip, Eastern Grip, and Western Grip. It’s pertinent to mention here that it totally depends on the player how to grip a pickleball paddle and how he plays pickleball.

how to hold a pickleball paddle

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle 

Pickleball Paddle Handle

Moreover, you must know where to hold the pickleball paddle for this grip. The exact hand position will vary depending on which pickleball paddle grip you desire to go with; generally, you must ensure you’re gripping the paddle in the middle point of the handle.

In most cases, you will lose power and control when you are too concentrated on the paddle face, which prevents you from getting the proper wrist movement.

Ready Position

While watching a tennis game, you often observe the ready position and how they hold the tennis racquet out in front of them. If you apply for a pickleball player, the same thing will benefit you, and nothing wrong with that. However, many players opt for a neutral position to prepare for pickleball, often feet shoulder width apart, elbow bent, and paddle position pointing at your midsection. It’s your choice you choose your ready position and knows how to hold a pickleball paddle.

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle: Right Ways 

There’s no “right way” how to grip a pickleball paddle since everything depends on your comfort and preferences. As a beginning player, we recommend starting with the eastern grip. However, if you’re easy with another grip, try it! 

How to hold a pickleball paddle

How to Hold A Pickleball Paddle? Right-Left Hand Considerations

As with other racquet sports, right-handed and left-handed players must consider different considerations when holding their paddles. Depending on which hand you are using, you’ll rotate and position the paddle differently. Some higher-level players switch between their right and left hands continuously, giving them an advantage and confusing their opponents about their weak hands. All the game of pickleball depends on how to hold a pickleball paddle by picklers.

How to Grip a Pickleball Paddle and Its Types of Grips

There’re three types of pickleball grips that are used in this sport. The details of these grips are as under:-

Eastern Grip – The “Shake Hands” Grip

Eastern Grip is a highly common grip in pickleball and it’s recommended for new players. An important thing about this grip is without favoritism that can be used for both forehands and backhands just like in tennis or racquetball in which you need to change your grip from forehand to backhand.

 To understand the Eastern Grip:-

  • Keep your hands on the face of the paddle while playing.
  • Pull your hands down as late as you can grip the handle.
  • Your grip should be similar to shaking someone’s hand.
How to hold a pickleball paddle

What Is The Western Grip In Pickleball | The “Frying Pan” Grip

The Western Grip is unusual but observed around the courts. The Western Grip in pickleball has a close resemblance to holding the “Frying Pan” grip during flipping a pancake.

The western grip gives commendation to the forehand grip and provides a lot of spins, and give a tough time by making difficult angle while performing a backhand. Picklers, therefore, prefer the Western grip to hit their forehands and backhands simultaneously.

To understand the Western Grip:

  • First of all, make sure to understand the eastern grip.
  • Handle the paddle firmly by gripping the handle firmly and pushing down the face of the paddle. 
  • When rotating the paddle towards the ground, it is recommended to do so at 60-90 degrees. 
  • If you are right-handed, you should use the left side of the paddle face, and if you are left-handed, use the right side. As you would grip a frying pan, relax your grip on your hand.

Do you know?

The Continental grip is known as the easiest grip to use. This grip is semi the Eastern Forehand Grip and semi the Eastern Backhand Grip. In this grip, the player has much control over hitting the ball.

How to Hold Pickleball Paddle Know in Continental Grip

Contrary to the Western grip, the Eastern grip plays primarily on the backhand rather than the forehand due to the angle of the paddle. While in the non-volley zone or the kitchen line, players often use this grip to prevent their opponents from returning the volley. Furthermore, it makes hitting a forehand difficult without having to change your grip to accommodate it.

To understand the Continental Grip and When to use it?

  • Keep your playing hand on the face of the paddle and drag it down the face of the paddle and grip the handle. Contrary to Western Grip, rotate your paddle face 60-90 degrees in the opposite direction. Rotate the paddle roughly 60-90 degrees in the direction of the ground.
  • If you wish to learn the Eastern grip. Always Place your playing hand on the paddle face and drag it down the paddle face and grip the handle.
  • In contrary Western Grip, revolves around the face of the paddle 60-90 degrees in the opposite way. spin the paddle roughly 60-90 degrees directed toward the ground.

Last Words

Finally, there’re 3 things we remember and focus on while learning how to hold a pickleball paddle.

  • Check the size of your grip
  • Always choose the best grip for you
  • Remember and place your hand strength on the paddle grip and ensure it’s not too tight or loose.

Once you’re able to learn how to hold your pickleball paddle, you can begin working on switching up your paddle grip, it depends on shots and plays, body mechanics, various shots and strategies, but be ready to become experienced by players by learning basics first. Hitting practice near the court will make you well in pickleball and will be good in the future.


The Eastern Grip – The “Shake Hands” Grip
The Eastern grip is the famous and commonly used grip in pickleball and often it’s recommended for a new pickleball player.

In pickleball, the Eastern grip is known as the best one. In this grip, your palm will be put on the same level. Once the player gets familiar with the Eastern grip, try to use the index finger of your other hand to move it between your palm and ring finger. The best-recommended paddle grip size for you will be the one where your index finger seems fit within this grip.

Picklers don’t require putting too much strength behind the ball while dinking. On a scale of 1-10, the pressure of the grip should fall between 3-5. Many beginners and intermediate-level players try to hold the paddle very tightly, often falling between an 8-9.