Collin Johns Pickleball Net Worth – Hidden Secrets Revealed In 2024

Collin Johns Pickleball

Collin Johns pickleball player, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on July 21, 1997, hails from a family with a strong sporting background. His parents, Heather and Mark, are the proud parents of seven children, consisting of five sisters and a brother. Growing up in Estero, Florida, Collin’s dad does software design, and his mom teaches kids.

Collin is into Pickleball, and his partner is his older brother, Ben, who’s a pro in the same sport. Their sibling, Hannah, serves as a sideline reporter for Pickleball games on the PPA Tour.

Collin, a white Caucasian with American nationality, keeps his family life private, but they share a love for sports and are homeschooled in Florida.

Collin Johns pickleball

Collin Johns Pickleball Bio

Name:- Collin Johns Pickleball
Father’s Name:- Mark (Software Designer)
Mother’s Name:- Heather(Teacher)
Siblings:- 7 including him, his brother Ben is also a famous pickleball player and his sister Hannah Johns, covers and broadcasts Pickleball games for the PPA Tour and 4 other sisters.
Native City:-  Laytonsville, Maryland, USA
Presently Resides:-Austin, TX, USA
Zodiac Sign:-GEMINI
Race/Ethnicity: A White Caucasian
Born:- June 15, 1993 (30 years, 6 months, and 27 days on 13.01.2024)
Height:- 5 ft 11 inches(1.8 meters)
Weight:-75. kg(165 lb)
Turned Pro:- 2018
Plays:- Right-handed
Married:- No
Spouse Name:- No
His Children: No child
His Girlfriend:-Sydney Steinaker, a pickleball player
Education:- Homeschooled in Florida, USA
Net Worth:- Approximately $1.5 million.
Youtube Channel:- Not known
Gmail:- Not known
Eyes Colors:- Azure
Hair Color:- Light Brownish
Favorite Paddle:- JOOLA Collin Johns Scorpeus CFS 16(Weight: 8.0 ounces)
Favorite Pet:- Not known
Her Sponsors:-Joola Pickleball
Hobbies/Interests:- He enjoys reading, writing, chess, and table tennis.
Current Rankings:- 2nd PPA Doubles, 21st PPA Men’s Mixed Doubles
Favorite Car:- Not known
Favorite Shoes:- He likes comfortable shoes.
Titles Won:- 24 professional titles together to date, including consecutive US Open crowns (2021/2022) and the 2022 USAP National Championships
DUPR Doubles Rating:-6.65

Collin Johns Career In Different Sports

Collin Johns has been good at sports like tennis, table tennis, and baseball since he was a kid. He started playing pickleball in 2018 and went pro in 2019 at the US Open, making it to the Semifinals. In just a year, he became a top player in both divisions.

In 2019, Collin won his first Triple Crown at the US National Clay Court Championships and earned various medals.

Collin Johns Pickleball Career

Crediting his success in pickleball, Collin Johns attributes it to his foundation in table tennis, tennis, and baseball, along with guidance from his younger brother, Ben Johns.

Collin’s favorite moves, the forehand dink and reset block, come from his experience in other racquet sports. He likes the evolving techniques and strategies in pickleball, calling them “uniquely unsolved.”

Collin Johns Pickleball Paddle

The JOOLA Pickleball Collin Johns Scorpius CFS 16 Carbon Fiber Paddle provides a combination of spin, control, and forgiveness, particularly effective on off-center hits. It’s designed to be maneuverable for quick play near the net and effective for defending against strong attacks.

Remarkably, the top-ranked player in the world, Ben Johns, opts for the JOOLA Hyperion CFS 16MM paddle.

Collin Johns Pickleball Net Worth

In the whirlwind rise of pickleball, Collin Johns stands not only as a court virtuoso but a financial maestro. With a net worth soaring to $1.5 million, his sponsorship with JOOLA Pickleball is also increasing his net worth. Beyond the baseline, modeling ventures have added flair to his portfolio.

In this unique pickleball odyssey, success isn’t just served; it’s pickled, spiced, and garnished with financial triumph.

In 2021, Collin Johns, alongside his brother Ben Johns and Dekel Bar, introduced Pickleball 360, a subscription-based instructional video service. With both monthly and yearly subscription options, Pickleball 360 provides exclusive access to instructional videos featuring these professional players.

collin johns pickleball girlfriend

Collin Johns Pickleball Girlfriend

Collin Johns and Sydney Steinaker, who is a fellow pickleball player, first met in December 2022 at Sydney’s stepbrother’s home.


In essence, Collin Johns is a prominent force in pickleball, making a lasting impact on the sport. His exceptional skills and magnetic personality have earned him a substantial fan base. Family plays a pivotal role in Collin’s journey, with his parents contributing significantly to his development.

While specific net worth figures remain private, Collin’s success, fueled by sponsorships and tournament victories, is undeniable, solidifying his influence on and off the pickleball court. In conclusion, Collin Johns isn’t just a player; he’s a force, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of pickleball.