Hayden Patriquin: The Youngest Emerging Star in Pickleball [2024]

Hayden Patriquin

Hailing from Yucaipa, CA, Hayden Patriquin is making waves in the world of pickleball with sponsorship from Franklin. His unique entry into the sport at the age of 13, guided by his grandfather, sets the stage for a compelling journey.

Despite initially being passionate about baseball, Patriquin made a decisive shift to focus entirely on pickleball, recently enrolling in an online school to dedicate more time to training.

Hayden Patriquin Pickleball Age

Hayden Patriquin is 18 years old and was born on September 20, 2005.

Quarterfinal match Aanik Lohani vs Hayden Patriquin in Las Vegas(Watch His Playing Techniques)

Dedication to Professionalism

Now 18, Patriquin actively works to establish himself as a notable figure in professional pickleball. Having completed his online schooling, he channels increased time and focus into refining his game. His journey, starting with friendly matches against his grandfather and a local tournament win in 2020, swiftly propelled him to professional status.

Hayden Patriquin bio

Hayden Patriquin Bio

Name:- Hayden Patriquin
Father’s Name:- Not Known
Mother’s Name:- Not Known
Native City:-  Yucaipa, California, USA
Presently Resides:-Yucaipa, California, USA
Zodiac Sign:-Virgo
Race/Ethnicity: Not Known
Born:- September 20, 2005 (18 years, 3 months, and 5 days on 27.12.2023)
Height:- 5 ft 7 inches(170 centimeters)
Weight:-Not Known
Turned Pro:- 2022
Plays:- Right-handed
Married:- No
Spouse Name:- No
His Children: No child
Education:- Graduation from online school.
Net Worth:- The typical income for a professional pickleball player hovers around $50,000 annually, but there are instances where individuals manage to substantially exceed this standard.
Instagram:- instagram.com/hayden_patriquin/
Facebook:- No Account found as yet
Youtube Channel:- No Account found as yet
Twitter:- https://twitter.com/haydenpatpb
Website:-No personal website.
Gmail:- No Account found as yet
Eyes Colors:- Winter Grey
Hair Color:- Brownish
Favorite Paddle:- Franklin Signature 16mm(Weight: 7.9-8.3 ounces)
Favorite Pet:- Searching
Her Sponsors:-Franklin Pickleball
Hobbies/Interests:- Patriquin’s life is marked by a variety of outdoor pursuits, including surfing, golf, mountain biking, and boogie-boarding.
Current Rankings:- 13th Men’s Singles, 22nd Men’s Doubles, 19th Men’s Mixed Doubles,
Favorite Car:- Not known
Favorite Shoes:- He likes comfortable shoes.
Titles Won:- Hayden Patriquin won Gold in 5.0 Men’s Singles at the. PPA Arizona Grand Slam in Phoenix.
DUPR Singles Rating:-  6.78
DUPR Doubles Rating:-6.70

Hayden Patriquin Net Worth

The typical income for a professional pickleball player hovers around $50,000 annually, but there are instances where individuals manage to substantially exceed this standard. It is estimated that he earned around $50,000 and also got sponsorship from Franklin Pickleball.

Hayden Patriquin salary is a question of the day and our team is searching. However, as a pro-pickleball player, he will be taken a handsome salary.

Hayden Patriquin Injury

Hayden Patriquin is out of the tournament due to his injury and Gabriel Tardio is included as his substitute in September 2023.

hayden patriquin net worth

Rising Recognition in Tournaments

At just 17, Patriquin gained significant recognition in the January 2022 APP Mesa Open in Arizona, a pivotal moment in his burgeoning career. After making a mark, Patriquin showcased his skills in prominent tournaments like the Hyundai Masters PPA in La Quinta, California, and the PPA Championships in Las Vegas in 2021.

Triumphs and Challenges on the Court

During the 2022 APP Mesa Open, Patriquin demonstrated his skills by triumphing over formidable opponents like Brett Forsythe and Rafa Hewitt, the latter ranked 16th among men’s singles players. Despite a narrow loss to Zane Navratil, a global singles player, Patriquin’s performance showcased promise for his future in pickleball.


As Patriquin navigates the competitive pickleball landscape, only time will unveil the full extent of his impact and whether he secures a lasting legacy among the elite players of the sport. His journey reflects not only personal growth but also the evolving landscape of professional pickleball.