Pickleball Doubles Rules 2023: Effective Strategy & How to Play Doubles


Do you know about pickleball doubles rules? Pickleball singles rules are not much different from pickleball doubles rules. Many people do not know these rules.

Family gatherings often provide many opportunities to sit together and play games. For playing doubles, every pickleball lover should know its pickleball rules for doubles. Pickleball doubles game is a good option to enjoy this precious time. Do you know why is pickleball so popular?

Because It’s gaining popularity with every passing day and flourishing very fast. Almost 2.8 million players play this game in the world. Its popularity is because it provides entertainment and healthy workouts for all aged people. To play doubles, we’ve to know the rules of this format.

Pickleball Doubles Rules Strategy

  • To begin the game, you should keep both feet behind the baseline while serving.
  •  Picklers with the right-hand side, start the pickleball match, and only one player is allowed a service turn from the initial serving team.
  • The service should always be underhand and below the waistline of the serving picklers.
  • Suppose you fail to strike the ball diagonally into the opposite area of the court.
  • It means you’ve made a fault.
  • Only one serving attempt is allowed for players.
  • The server will carry on with service to their opponents until they make a fault which results in the loss of a point; the serving ball then goes to the other team to serve.
  • On winning points, the serving team will continue to change its position while the receiving team can’t.
  • Picklers on both sides are supposed to play their first shot off the bounce. It’s called the double bounce rule, which means the served ball should bounce once before being returned to the opposite pickler.
  • When the ball bounces once on each side, the player can hit the ball out of the air. Once the ball bounces twice, the team wins that hits the shot.
  • No player can hit the ball in the non-volley zone, the kitchen until it has bounced once on their courtside, but a player lands in the area following a volley.
  • Pickleball is played mostly for 11 points, winning by 2 points.
Pickleball doubles Rules

Common Pickleball Doubles Rules Strategies

Taking advantage of this time, here are some pickleball tips that can help you improve your doubles strategy game. You will see vast improvements to your game if you practice and perfect these ideas. The following are our top 11 pickleball doubles rules strategies:-

  1. Make your way to the kitchen immediately.
  2. Become an expert at the drop shot.
  3. Your goal is to hit the opponent’s body or feet with your shots.
  4.  It would be best practice to stand behind the baseline while you’re receiving a serve.
  5. Always try to serve deep in the pickleball.
  6. The serve should return deep.
  7. Always try to move in cohesion with your partner.
  8. Keep busy communicating with your partner on ball strikes down the middle.
  9. Patience is the key to success in pickleball.
  10. Remember and stay out of ‘No-Man’s Land.’
  11. Try to use stacking to your advantage in the game.

Final Words

If you desire to learn pickleball doubles rules, I’m telling you pickleball double rules is a dance. It requires concentration, rhythm, and non-verbal communication. You need to learn your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, just like they need to discover yours. You’ll want to practice with your partner until there is an unspoken bond that allows you to move and act independently while still being synchronized with them at the same time.


In pickleball doubles, both players can serve and score points before committing a fault. The service of each side-out is made from the right-hand side of the court.

One Serve
The first team who serve in pickleball doubles has the chance of only one serving, after this, each side has a chance of two serves. Each side in doubles will receive two services, one for each partner, except for the team that starts the game by serving. The serving team will get one service only.

There’re five pickleball strategies for doubles that everybody should learn and focus on them. All players should implement it in their double game.

  1. Get to the kitchen, non-volley zone line after the returning serve
  2. Try to Keep your opponent back in the game
  3. Always focus on a deep serving
  4. Target the feet of opponent players
  5. Move forward in unison