Know Cost To Build A Pickleball Court In Affordable Price


Every pickleball player wants to know the cost to build a pickleball court in backyard. Every day, the popularity of pickleball continues to soar, making it the most renowned and rapidly expanding sport in the United States.

The growing affection for pickleball has also ignited a desire within you to set up a pickleball court right in your own backyard. The wish to have a pickleball court is natural and want to know the cost to build a pickleball court. Everyone wants to know how much is it to build a pickleball court.

Constructing a pickleball court entails several expenses. Several factors influence the overall cost of constructing a pickleball court, including the dimensions of the court, the type of surface, the installation of fencing and lighting, and the inclusion of additional amenities. Let’s take a closer look at the specific costs associated with building a pickleball court.

How much does it cost to build a pickleball court? Building a pickleball court is usually between $11 and $28 per square foot. This price range varies and depends on the usage of specific materials and traits used in the construction of the court.

For instance, a court having a concrete base will normally be more costly than one that has a gravel base. The inclusion of lighting and fencing in a pickleball court does indeed add to the overall cost. These additional features provide several benefits but come with associated expenses.

Eventually, the cost of this kind of specific court will rely on the material and features used to build the court. The construction cost of a new pickleball court is somewhere between $25000 and $50000. 

3 Types of Pickleball Construction Projects

Pickleball’s popularity has increased the demands for courts and more important things to remember, the requirement for quality and standard of courts. Relying on your required demands, the starting point for building a court will affect your total cost.

For example, if you wish to start from the bare land, the total cost will be more than converting the existing tennis or basketball court.  The building of new courts demands more expenses like labor, material, and equipment than to convert from one sports court to another.

The three types of court projects are as under:

  1. New Court
  2. Converting an Existing Court 
  3. Resurfacing of an Old Pickleball Court

Does Court Dimension Impact the Cost?

To move further to know the average cost to build a pickleball court, it’s important to keep in mind the accurate and correct court dimensions, so you can confirm whether the desired land for a pickleball court has enough space.

According to the guidelines provided by USA Pickleball, a minimum area of 30 x 60 feet is recommended. However, the total size of the pickleball court has been approved at 34 x 64 feet.  A bigger and increased area of the court enhances playability and provides ease.

cost to build a pickleball court

It’s crucial to ensure that the net on the court is set up correctly and remains uninterrupted during play. Mostly the dimensions of newly built pickleball courts affect the cost. The larger court means a more expensive court. 

A larger court requires more materials for construction, which is the reason for increased material usage. The cost of labor has also increased with larger courts. It’s therefore advised to build a smaller court if you wish to remain within budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert an Outdoor Court to Pickleball?

Converting tennis, basketball, and badminton courts into a pickleball court are very feasible and excellent choice. If you’re thinking about converting an unutilized or obsolete patch of land, there are a few points to keep in mind to know the actual cost to build an outdoor pickleball court:-

1 – The size of the court 

  • In tennis and basketball courts, two pickleball courts can be built.
  • The court of badminton is nearly the same size as the pickleball court.

2 – The surface

cost to build outdoor pickleball court

Converting an outdoor court to pickleball involves the cost of the net and posts, which can range from $500 to $700. When you want to convert an existing court, I’m sure you already have some of the essential pickleball equipment. You can save $500 to $700 on construction if you already have surface and perimeter fencing.

It may, however, be necessary to resurface your court depending on its age. Due to various factors at play, it can be challenging to determine an exact conversion amount. In one sense, it’s an inexpensive project (around $1,000). If you require a full resurfacing, the cost can reach over $15,000. If you’re planning a construction project, it’s best to speak with a professional as early as possible. You will be able to identify what needs to be done to prepare your new pickleball court with the help of an expert.

Total Cost: $1,000 – $15,000

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface a Pickleball Court?

The cost to resurface a pickleball court can be influenced by various factors, leading to potential increases or decreases in the overall expense. The court size, quality of material, and the cost of labor help to determine the final price. For a smaller court, the cost may be below $3000 whereas for a larger court, the cost could be upwards of $15000.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pickleball Court

The quality and type of material determines the cost. A primary and normal concrete pickleball court can be resurfaced for a few thousand dollars whereas a special court with quality material could cost much more. The final cost of a pickleball court is significantly impacted by labor costs.

Meanwhile, the lifespan of the court depends on factors such as location, weather conditions, maintenance, and usage. Generally, you can expect your pickleball court to remain functional for a period ranging from 8 to 15 years.

Total Cost: $3,000 – $15,000

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Pickleball Court?

Maintaining your pickleball court is essential to ensure its safety and enjoyment for all players. It all depends on your budget.  The cost to build an indoor pickleball court usually, can be $1000. Indoor courts need less maintenance than outdoor pickleball courts.

There are several factors that affect the cost of maintaining a pickleball court. The court size, the frequency of usage, and the climate are all very important factors to keep in mind when you’re allocating a budget for the maintenance of the court.

The court size is one of the important and crucial factors for determining the maintenance cost of the court. A larger court means more labor costs and materials to keep it in proper condition so the cost can vary with the size of the court.

Another factor is the frequency of usage of pickleball courts. The frequency of use of the pickleball courts can increase or decrease the maintenance cost of the court. The climate is a significant factor in court maintenance and can impact associated costs. These are important factors to keep in mind to know how much does it cost to build an indoor pickleball court when you plan to build an indoor court.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pickleball Court in Your Backyard? Important Factors

When you’re a pickleball lover and want to know the cost to build a pickleball court in your backyard. Generally, the cost of putting a pickleball court in your backyard ranges from $15 to $40 per square foot but it varies depending on several factors. The selection of the court surface is a pivotal factor that directly affects the overall cost.

average cost to build a pickleball court

Outdoor concrete courts typically fall on the lower end of the price spectrum, while outdoor courts featuring specialized synthetic surfaces tend to be on the higher end in terms of cost.

Other factors that can change the cost of your pickleball court i.e. court size and layout, any required drainage or grading work, as well as the inclusion of additional features or amenities such as fencing, lighting, line painting, storage, bleachers, roofing, net, backboard, windscreen, customization and design will also contribute to the overall cost of your court.

How Do You Turn a Tennis Court Into a Pickleball Court?

Converting a tennis court into a pickleball court is generally a straightforward and uncomplicated process.The first step is to lower the net of the tennis court(34”) in the center. By setting the pickleball net at a lower height, it enables the smaller pickleball to pass beneath it and facilitates players in reaching over the net to make shots.

Following this, the subsequent step involves positioning the pickleball net on the ground to align it with the height of the tennis net.

To ensure a level playing surface, prepare and mark the 20′ x 44′ pickleball court with tape or chalk before playing. The dimensions of the court should measure 20 feet by 44 feet. Once the court has been accurately marked, you’re all set to engage in a game of pickleball.

How to Finance the Construction of a Pickleball Court?

If you’re still worried about the cost to build a pickleball court and curious about how to finance your pickleball court, you’ve got a couple of different choices

1 – Public Funding

There Are many opportunities in the shape of grants and loans you can take advantage of these sources in construction.  Both federal and state governments grant easy options for funding in sports.  Your court is an initiative for the betterment of the community- and the government must support these kinds of initiatives. 

2 – Private Funding

If you cannot get funding from public programs, don’t lose heart and be focused. There are so many private organizations in every community looking for projects to support. Engage with these communities and discuss your intention to build a pickleball court. 

With the growing popularity of this sport, the lovers of pickleball are also increasing day by day. It means finding donors could be very easy.  Also, run an online campaign to generate the funds you require to create your pickleball court.

Final Words

In the last of this article, I’m sure you’re in a position to estimate the actual cost of building a court and the question of how much it cost to build a pickleball court will be solved.

There are several factors that determine the cost to build a pickleball court the selection of the court surface whether it’s indoor or outdoor, court size, its layout, color, required drainage or grading work, fencing, lighting, line painting, storage, bleachers, roofing, net backboard, windscreen, customization and design. 

There are several indicators that determine the cost of a pickleball court.


USAPA advises using 100% acrylic paint for outdoor pickleball courts, applying at least two coats. The smaller court size and frequent doubles play contribute to increased wear in specific areas.

Asphalt or concrete can be used as a base for pickleball courts. Before proceeding with the installation, it’s crucial to assess surfacing prerequisites, including factors such as slope, drainage, surface finish, and general construction.

PicklePave is a durable and textured surface made of 100% acrylic. It not only enhances the appearance of your court but also offers superior and consistent footing for your pickleball game, providing both protection and improved performance.

The cheapest way to build a pickleball court involves applying an acrylic court surface and utilizing portable nets on an existing concrete slab, garage, or barn space. This approach proves to be the most cost-effective way to create a pickleball court.