How to Clean Pickleball Paddle In 3 Steps

how to clean pickleball paddle

Do you’ve experienced how to clean pickleball paddles before? If not, you should do it because your pickleball paddle can become dirty and unhygienic.

Everyone should know what is pickleball and how your pickleball paddle can be dirty, which will make your pickleball paddle plain, smooth, and less effective at putting a spin on the pickleball.

Resultantly, you should try to clean your pickleball paddle regularly, so that it looks like new and you’ve got the benefit of the gritty, textured pickleball paddle surface.

How to Clean pickleball paddle

How To Clean Pickleball Paddle-
3 Quick and Easy Steps

1. After wetting the sponge, wring it out to remove any excess water.
2. You can use it to gently scrub the paddle’s surface to remove grime.
3. Finish by drying off any remaining water and dirt with a microfiber cloth.

Most of the pickleball paddles have a textured hitting surface. This type of texture hitting the surface provides freedom to the player to generate spin. It’s helpful in ball rotation, providing spin on the player’s pickleball shot.

During play, a pickleball paddle comes up to your paddle brings dirt from the court surface, and this dirt, if not cared for and removed, sticks to its textured surface, which is unhygienic. If you don’t clean your paddle properly and regularly, it can cause you to lose its texturing surface and decrease the ability to generate spin.

It also lowers the overall performance. Everybody wants to have their paddle perform to its full potential. You can ensure your pickleball paddle is in tip-top shape with minimum effort. Cleaning a pickleball paddle is simple and easy. See below to learn how to keep your pickleball paddle clean and in perfect condition(5.0)!

How to Clean Pickleball PaddleBest Way

There are two easy ways how to clean a pickleball paddle and make it perfect all the time:

1. My Choice-Clean Magic Eraser

I prefer cleaning my paddle using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I heard a fruitful tip from an experienced Senior Pickleball Pro, Steve Kennedy). Apply the Magic Eraser slightly to scrub the dirt away from your pickleball paddle surface. After this, clean your pickleball paddle with a damp cloth. You can use any residue water for Wiping and let it dry.

How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

2. Always Use Glass Cleaner and a Microfiber Cloth

To clean your pickleball paddle, you can use a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Clean your glass with a cloth sprayed with glass cleaner. Let your pickleball paddle dry after cleaning it. Point to note, don’t use a heavier cleaning solution, as your paddle may become tacky.

If your pickleball paddle’s graphics wear out, don’t worry about it. It is an indication of many years of picking up pickleball.

How to clean pickleball paddle

Replace Your Pickleball Grip

Remember to change your grip on your pickleball paddle from time to time. The tackiness of your grip can wear off, resulting in a slippery grip (especially when wet or sweaty), and the palm of your hand will be less supported. Nobody wants to drop their pickleball paddle by winning a point, so ensure to change your pickleball grip from time to time.

How to clean pickleball paddle

Bring Your Pickleball Paddle Inside

Don’t leave your pickleball paddle outside in direct sunshine or in your car. Value your pickleball paddle, and it keeps with you in the proper place when you’re not using it. If you don’t care about your pickleball paddle or pickleball, they may be affected by the weather conditions.

You can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your pickleball paddle by bringing it indoors when you aren’t playing.

How To Clean Pickleball Paddle and Other Care Methods

These are the following easy methods how to clean pickleball paddles and other care methods. Through these methods, we can enhance progress and safety.

1. Effects of Extreme Climate

Paddles can be affected by extreme heat and cold and severely damaged by extreme weather variations. Hence, it’s essential to save them from such weather, and the easy way to do that is to cover it adequately and avoid leaving them outside.

2. Store Pickleball Paddle Properly

Storing a paddle is a crucial subject, and we often ignore this thing. A new paddle’s novelty often wears off after a few uses, and amateur players usually throw their paddles into their vehicles or homes without considering how this might shorten their lifespan.

Bring the pickleball paddle home as far as possible and keep it with a cover in your car; we will discuss how to store it. 

3. Clash of Paddles

It’s common for paddles during rallies to clash but don’t purposefully ‘high-five’ your way through them. You should use your hands and fists, and if you’re reading this during a pandemic, don’t high-five! (Alternatively, avoid doubles, as was the case during the peak of the Covid pandemic).

‘High-paddling’ your partner might damage your equipment if excessive force is used during the process.

How to clean pickleball paddle

4. Use Of  Paddles to Lift up Balls

It often looks fascinating on TV when international and professional racket sports players use paddles or rackets to lift the ball from the court. Still, this action has a cost- a chance to damage the paddle because of clashing with the court. Try to avoid these activities during the game to enhance the life span of your paddle.

5. Always Keep Paddles off the Ground

The paddles shouldn’t be lying around on the ground or the court so that someone doesn’t step on them accidentally.

6. Avoid Exposure to Water

There’s no fishing rod here! It’s a paddle! Avoid exposing it to water or any moisture like rain. ( If you play in the rain and your paddle gets wet, you should hide it under your tee shirt between points).

The manufacturing of pickleball paddles and the materials in it used can suck any moisture inside them, which can cause irreparable damage to the paddle, making them unusable.

7. Don’t Throw it Around

I am sure you feel frustrated after losing a game or even got angry during the match but it’s a game and we should not throw paddles around. On the other hand, it’s not sportsmanship and this kind of behavior doesn’t acceptable anywhere. It’s a sure-shot way of damaging your own paddle.


To extend the life of your pickleball paddle, I recommend How to clean pickleball paddle article must read to know this step by step, changing your pickleball grip, and keeping your pickleball paddle indoors when not in use.


Avoid Water

If you want to wipe the surface and grip, you can use a damp towel. It is not recommended to submerge the paddle in the water. Pickleball paddles typically have honeycomb cores.

A microfiber cloth can be used to clear away awkward dirt or grime. The best and easy way is to wash out them after every use, but you should also deep clean your pickleball paddles at the end of the season. Clean them with a mild cleaner such as dishwashing liquid mixed with water.

Pickleball balls generally last a different amount of time depending on the brand. However, you can say that outdoor pickleball lasts at least 10 games before starting to appear cracks on it.