Mastering Pickleball Singles Rules 2023: How To Play Singles(Updated)

Pickleball Singles Rules

Do you wish to know pickleball singles rules? I know how important to know how to play singles and keep score in pickleball accurately when you’re learning this game.

Most players want to know how to keep score and call it in both singles and doubles. Pickleball can be played as either doubles or singles.

Pickleball doubles rules are almost the same. The double game needs four players, but the singles are quite easy as there’s only a need for two players. The singles, the skinny, is a challenging and effective game. It is a source of fun and more workouts. It helps to improve skill levels. We’ll walk you through rules that shall help you in the future.

Pickleball Singles Rules

Pickleball Singles Rules

  1. Games conclude at 11 points (win by 2). Only the server scores points. 
  2. When the receiver commits a fault, his opponent, the server, gets the point. On the other hand, when the server commits a fault, he loses his serve.
  3. The game of pickleball begins from the right side of the court by the server. Whenever the server gets the point, they change sides and serve from the left side of the court. The server restarts from the right side of the court when its score is odd (1,3,5,7,9,11) by using this method. When the server’s score is odd, he will serve from the left side (2,4,6,8,10,12).
  4. The service must be underhand and below the waist of the server. The serve must be struck with both feet behind the baseline. The foot must not touch the baseline or the court until after the serve is struck.
  5. The serve must land in the opponent’s service court area diagonally. It’s considered “short” and a fault when the serve touches any part of the non-volley line.
  6. The serve must once bounce before the opponent returns it, and the return must also bounce before the server can return it. It’s called the double-bounce rule. In simple words, the ball must touch the ground before returning it.
  7. The server has only one service attempt, except for a let (the ball hits the top of the net but lands proper service court.
  8. Players, while standing in the kitchen, the non-volley zone or its line may not hit a ball before it bounces.
  9. If the ball touches any part of the baseline or the sideline, it’s considered “in.”
  10. When the ball hits the net or is out of bounds, it’s a fault. On the other hand, if the ball bounces twice before hitting the receiver, it’s the receiver’s fault.
  11.  During the game, if a player, player’s clothing, or paddle makes contact with the net while the ball is in play, it’s considered a fault.
  12. If the ball makes contact with a player or his clothing, it’s considered a fault. In other ways, it’s a fault if the ball hits the ceiling, wall, or any permanent object before landing on the opposite side of the court.
Singles Pickleball Rules, Skinny singles

What Are Skinny Singles Pickleball Rules?

Often people confuse that what are skinny singles rules in pickleball. Skinny singles is an important pickleball drill/game that requires half of the court to play with one other person. It’s played in half of the court, it more closely copies the selections of shots and strategies you would adopt while playing doubles rather than the singles game. Pickleball singles rules and skinny singles are the same.


To conclude the discussion, I want to say that if anyone wants to play the fastest-growing and most popular game, he will have to learn pickleball singles rules. These are 5 pickleball rules, we should also know. Pickleball singles game and its rules are easy to understand. In short words, the pickleball singles game has a lot of fun for all ages people.


There should be two players(you and one other player) in skinny singles. Skinny singles can be played straight on or crosscourt, but the crux of the matter is that you can only play in half of the court on each side of the pickleball net, with regular scoring in the game.

Pickleball singles rules have a close resemblance with pickleball doubles. However, the difference is that only one player on each side of the pickleball court, and there’re a lot of differences in the strategy of singles and doubles. Most of the picklers have extremely opposite feelings toward singles pickleball.

The scoring in singles and doubles is almost the same except that there’s no chance of a second server. The service is always started from the right side of the court when the serving player’s score is even and from the left side when the score of the serving player is odd. It’s the score of the server that decides the serving position, not the score of the receiving player.