How to Play 3 Person Pickleball(Cutthroat/Australian Doubles)

How to Play 3 Person Pickleball

Can you play 3 person pickleball and know about 3 person pickleball? If you’ve spent some precious and quality time on the pickleball court, you know the struggle of rounding up a solid four for a game. We’ve all had that one friend who’s fashionably late or bails at the last second. But fear not, with only 3 players, there’s still hope!

Should you find yourself short on players and lacking floaters at your local courts, consider diving into the engaging world of 3 person pickleball with a game of Cutthroat/Australian Doubles.

What makes this variation so exciting is the intense pressure on each player. While you switch teams throughout the game, points are tallied individually. Serving as a lone player can be challenging, especially when facing off against a dynamic duo. After each loss and rotation, the race begins to reclaim the serving side swiftly. The responsibility falls squarely on you to earn those crucial points.

How to Play Cutthroat Pickleball- 3 Person Pickleball Rules

Let’s describe 3 player pickleball rules that are also known as 3 rules of pickleball.

Serving Side/Single Player Side

Define your territory by the half you serve from. The serving player contends with one or two faults, depending on pre-established rules. Their focus is solely on covering the half of the court they serve. Hits to the non-serving side during a point are considered out of bounds.

If the receiving side triumphs, players rotate clockwise, and the newly designated server strives to score points.

Receiving Side/2 Players

The solo player can strike the ball anywhere within the standard boundaries. Meanwhile, the two players must keep the ball confined to the half from which the single player served.

3 person pickleball

Key Considerations

Scoring is exclusive to serving moments in 3 person pickleball. Keep a vigilant eye on your points while serving, and if you switch sides, hustle back promptly. The first person to reach 11 points clinches the victory. This variation serves as more than just a drill and is also known as 3 person pickleball drills; it’s a strategic exercise.

The ability to adapt to opponents is what sets great players apart. Even when facing superior players, paying attention to their tendencies and weaknesses provides a valuable edge.

As you engage in the cutthroat, each point introduces a new teammate and opponent. While serving, leverage the opportunity to pit both opponents against each other as you decipher their playing styles. Moreover, experience the feel of a doubles setting without the uncertainties of a partner.

Focus on perfecting shots commonly used in doubles without the need for second-guessing a teammate. On the flip side, when facing the single side, precision becomes even more critical due to the halved boundary. This is the perfect opportunity to practice those deeper slice shots up the lines or hard angles, especially if you find yourself diagonal from the serving side.

Final Thoughts

Cutthroat/Australian Doubles emerges as a fantastic variation, whether you’re short a player or not. If you’re seeking ways to elevate 3 player pickleball games, diving into a round of cutthroat and exploiting your opponents’ tendencies is a skill worth developing. These incremental improvements can make a substantial difference, particularly when playing at a high level.

For a visual walkthrough of playing 3 person team pickleball, check out this link featuring a demonstration of Cut Throat with Casey Patterson. Take your game to new heights with this engaging 3 man pickleball experience!

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