Allyce Jones Pickleball Net Worth – Hidden Secrets Revealed In 2024

Allyce Jones Pickleball

Allyce Jones Pickleball Bio

Allyce Jones pickleball player, and a lifelong sports lover, excelled in softball, tennis, and volleyball, winning state championships and awards. At Utah Valley University, she set defensive records in volleyball and earned multiple honors. Transitioning to coaching, she secured four state championships and received regional recognition.

Discovering pickleball in high school, she swiftly rose through local tournaments before turning pro in 2022. She is famous for her dynamic playing style, Allyce Jones is residing in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with her husband and three children.

Allyce Jones Pickleball Bio

Allyce Jones Pickleball Bio

Name:- Allyce Jones
Father’s Name:- Quentin Ray, Baseball Player
Mother’s Name:- Sheryl Wilson
Native City:-  Pleasant Grove, UT, USA
Presently Resides:-Pleasant Grove, UT
Zodiac Sign:-Scorpio
Race/Ethnicity: American
Nationality:- American
Born:- October 25, 1987 (36 years, 3 months, and 13 days on 18.12.2023)
Height:- 5 ft 3 inches(160.02 centimeters)
Weight:-Approximately 58. kg(127.87 pounds)
Turned Pro:- 2021
Plays:- Right-handed
Married:- yes
Spouse Name:- Ryan Jones
His Children: One daughter(Leah) and Two Sons(Mick Jones+Updating soon)
Education:- Pleasant Grove HS in 2006 with a 3.75
Net Worth:- Approximately $0.51 million
Youtube Channel:- Not come to notice
Gmail:- Not come to notice Not come to notice
Eyes Colors:- Gunmetal Blue
Hair Color:- Light Blonde
Favorite Paddle:- Crbn 3x 14mm Power Series(Weight: 7.8-8.1 ounces)
Favorite Pet:- Not come to notice
Her Sponsors:-Joola Pickleball. Now CRBN
Hobbies/Interests:- Catherine enjoys engaging in outdoor activities, including Volleyball.
Current Rankings:- 18th PPA Singles, 8th PPA Women’s Doubles and 12th PPA Mixed Doubles
Favorite Car:- Not known
Favorite Shoes:- He likes comfortable shoes( Skechers GO RUN Ride 11)
Titles Won:- 13 – career titles and 48 – medals
DUPR Singles Rating:- 5.70
DUPR Doubles Rating:-5.82

Allyce Jones Volleyball Career

Allyce Jones had an impressive journey in volleyball before making her mark in pickleball. Here are some standout moments from her volleyball career:

Allyce Jones Volleyball

High School: At Pleasant Grove High School, Allyce excelled as both a volleyball and tennis player. She snagged an all-state title in volleyball and tennis, clinching a volleyball state championship along with two tennis state championships.

College: Moving on to Utah Valley University, Allyce continued her athletic prowess on the volleyball court. As a libero, she set numerous defensive records and earned several prestigious awards. Among them were the Conference Defensive Player of the Year, UVU Female Athlete of the Year, and UVU Crowd Pleaser of the Year. Her impressive 4.80 digs per set average still holds second place on the school’s all-time season-record list.

Coaching: After her college days, Allyce transitioned into teaching and coaching volleyball. Under her guidance, the Vikings secured an impressive four state championships. Additionally, she ventured into owning her volleyball club, catering to 250 athletes.

Allyce’s dedication to sports and her competitive nature have undoubtedly played key roles in her success, whether on the volleyball court or in the world of pickleball.

Allyce Jones Pickleball Career

Allyce Jones is a big name in pickleball, winning lots of championships. She’s won six national titles and done well in international competitions too. She started playing in high school with her family and friends and then practiced hard every day. Her skills got her noticed, and by 2022, she went pro.

Despite playing for a short time, she’s already one of the best, ranking in the top 20 in Women’s Singles and Doubles. Jones is from Utah and has three kids. She’s famous for her aggressive style of play and was using a Joola Solaire CFS 14MM paddle. Nowadays Allyce Jones paddle is a Crbn 3x 14mm Power Series.

She’s sponsored by Joola Pickleball and Pickleroll, getting top equipment and court surfaces. Allyce Jones brings passion and skill to every game, showing she’s a real pickleball star in the making.

Allyce Jones pickleball net worth

Allyce Jones Family

Allyce Jones husband is Ryan Jones, whom she met while working in finance. They tied the knot shortly on 13 June 2009 and have three children(Leah and Mick Jones and 3rd son(updating soon).

Beyond her accomplishments on the court, Allyce is a devoted wife and mother. She coaches Leah in pickleball and dreams of playing doubles with her one day. It’s clear that for Allyce, family is just as important as her success in the sport.

Allyce Jones Pickleball Net Worth

Allyce Jones is a skilled pickleball player who’s made a mark in the sport. As of 2023, she’s worth about $0.51 million, including what she makes from tournaments, sponsorships, and other stuff. People recognize her for her aggressive and speedy playing style.

On top of her tournament winnings, Jones also has a pro contract, competes in the Pickleball Premier League, and gets paid for making appearances and from sponsorship deals, making a pretty good six-figure income.

Allyce Jones Pickleball

Allyce Jones Pickleball Ranking

Allyce Jones has made a remarkable climb in the world of pickleball, currently sitting in the top 20 rankings for both Women’s Singles and Doubles. With ratings of 5.70 in singles and 5.82 in doubles, her rapid ascent is truly impressive, especially considering she only picked up the sport a few years ago.


Allyce Jones pickleball player’s journey from dominating volleyball courts to conquering the world of pickleball showcases her relentless determination and unwavering passion for sports. Her transition from an outstanding athlete to a revered coach and then a celebrated professional pickleball player is a testament to her versatility and skill.

With numerous accolades under her belt, including state championships, national titles, and international success, Allyce has solidified her status as a sporting icon. Her commitment to excellence, both on and off the court, is evident in her remarkable achievements and her role as a devoted wife and mother.

As Allyce continues to soar in her pickleball career, her indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of greatness serve as an inspiration to athletes everywhere.