Pickleball on Demand: 5 Top Platforms to Stream Live and Past Games

Pickleball on Demand 5 Top Platforms to Stream Live and Past Games

Recently, the APP teamed up with broadcasting powerhouses CBS and ESPN to ramp up Pickleball’s presence on our screens, promising us front-row seats from the comfort of home. The deal is a game-changer: CBS is set to deliver 12 enthralling hours of live pickleball action, while ESPN2 will top up our excitement with eight engaging hours of event highlights.

That’s not all – brace yourselves for a whopping 200+ hours of live streaming excitement available on ESPN+ and APP’s dedicated channel, APP TV. If you want to watch Pickleball on TV, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss options for accessing live Pickleball events.

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National Pickleball Gathering: Experience the thrill as enthusiasts from across the country compete for the ultimate title in one of the fastest-growing sports.
US Open Pickleball Fiesta: Join us where the sun shines bright in Naples, Florida, for
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Regional Showdowns: Uncover hidden gems where the spirit and diversity of pickleball players shine. Dive in and witness the pickleball world’s raw passion and colorful variety for yourself.

Top Platforms to Stream Live and Past Games


One of the top platforms for streaming pickleball is ESPN+. If you’re hooked on pickleball, ESPN+ is your go-to, streaming all the high-stakes matches from tournaments worldwide and keeping pace with the sport’s swift rise in popularity.

Dive into a treasure trove of pickleball content on ESPN+ where you’ll find not only exclusive chats with the pros but also deep-dive analyses and snappy highlights to keep you in the loop. ESPN+ hits the mark for pickleball fans, offering a slick platform and top-notch streams that draw viewers into the heart of the action, no matter their skill level.

Please note that you may need to change your IP address location to access live streaming or even game recordings. The problem is the regional restrictions that EPSN+ and other platforms impose. The best way is to use a VPN to change the IP address.

So you can change IP country to almost anyone. For example, VeePN has as many as 2500+ VPN servers. You can use it simply as an IP location changer, but its functionality goes far beyond bypassing geographic restrictions.

Pickleball Channel

Another popular platform for pickleball streaming is Pickleball Channel. Pickleball Channel is a one-stop shop, focusing exclusively on the sport and dishing out everything from live matches to pro tips for both enthusiasts and players. From live tournament coverage to instructional videos and player profiles, Pickleball Channel caters to the entire pickleball community.

Diving into the world of pickleball, you’ll find broadcasts packed with top-notch visuals and commentators who bring each game to life. Pickleball Channel spices things up by rolling out live chat and blending in social media, making it a breeze for fans to mingle as the action unfolds.


For those looking for a more interactive experience, Twitch is a viable option for streaming pickleball. Twitch, though famed for video game streams, has recently amped up its sports content, serving up live pickleball action to an eager audience.

Many players and enthusiasts broadcast their matches and practice sessions live on Twitch, providing viewers with an opportunity to engage directly with the action. If you’re into pickleball, Twitch is the go-to spot to catch high-stakes games or pick up pro tips through live, interactive streams.

Pickleball on Demand 5 Top Platforms to Stream Live and Past Games


Pickleball enthusiasts turn to YouTube as their go-to hub for everything from quick tutorials and game highlights to comprehensive documentaries. For pickleball, YouTube is your prime spot—stacked with everything from easy-to-follow guides and top play reels to full-on game footage and in-depth documentaries.

On YouTube, you’ll find pros and coaches dishing out top-notch advice that can up your game, no matter if you’re just starting or already killing it on the court. YouTube keeps the pickleball scene lively, dishing out new spot-on videos for your next binge.

Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

In addition to dedicated pickleball platforms, mainstream streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu also offer pickleball content as part of their sports programming. While not as specialized as platforms like ESPN+ or Pickleball Channel, these services may feature select matches and highlights from major tournaments.

True, they also apply regional restrictions, but they can be overcome using a new Edge VPN or a VPN of a different format. If you’re a pickleball fan who likes to mix it up with other sports, movies, and shows, these platforms have your back for some easy-going entertainment.


Pickleball is not all about scoring; it’s really about connecting with people, having a good chuckle, and diving into an activity that’s sweeping across the globe like wildfire. Whether you’re there to throw your hat in the ring, cheer on your new favorite athletes, or just want to bask in the energetic environment, you’re very lucky.

If you don’t have the opportunity to cheer on your idols in person, these streaming services have your back.