Pickleball vs Squash in 2023 | Explore Now

When we compare pickleball vs squash, it’ll be difficult to tell the similarities and differences between these two sports. I will try to break down these two famous sports for you in this article. 

Both Pickleball vs Squash has some similarities. For example, these are racket sports that are played with a ball. On the other hand, these sports have some key differences.

What is Pickleball?

Discover the thrilling world of Pickleball – a fast-paced paddle sport played indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court, with a unique plastic ball featuring holes. Join the excitement now! This sport is invented by 3 dads in Washington state for passing free time. It’s a mixture of important sports like tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. 

Today, there’re 10,724 pickleball courts in the USA. This game can be played with 2/4 players and involves hitting the ball with a paddle over the net.

Pickleball vs Squash

What is Squash?

Squash is also a famous racket sport that is played with a small but hardball on a four-walled court. It has similarities with tennis also except the ball is played off the squash court wall instead of over a net. It’s a mixture of handball and racquetball. This sport can also be played with either 2/4 players. This game is invented in the 19th century in England and now is played throughout the world.

Pickleball Vs Squash: Important Aspects

Let’s discuss the basics of both sports and what are their compare and contrast.


Origins: USA(1960)
Court Size:-20 feet x 44 feet for doubles
20 feet x 20 feet for singles
Paddle:-Smaller and more solid
Ball:-Perforated plastic ball with holes
Scoring System:-Point-a-rally scoring system
Serving:-Underhand serves
Game Play:- Rectangular court
Popularity:- Rapidly growing
Health Benefits:-Good for joint health and balance
Notable Players:-Anna Leigh Waters, Ben Johnson
Olympic Status:- Not Yet


Origins:England(19th Century)
Court Size:- 32 feet x 21 feet
Racket:-Smaller and elongated
Ball:-Small, hollow rubber ball
Scoring System:-Point-a-rally scoring system
Serving:-Alternating serves
Game Play:-Played in 4 walls court
Popularity:- Worldwide famous
Health Benefits:-Beneficial For a cardiovascular workout
Notable Players:-Ramy Ashour, Nicol David,
Olympic Status:- Not Yet

4 Major Differences Between Pickleball and Squash

1. Pickleball Court vs Squash Court

The pickleball court is somehow badminton court sized and can be set up indoors/outdoors equally. The standard dimensions of a pickleball court measure 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width. It’s pertinent to mention here that you can also play pickleball on a tennis court easily if you have no option for a pickleball court.

Keep in mind, there is no special restriction and limitations for the court of pickleball. You can play pickleball at any feasible place if you’ve got the proper and essential equipment.

On the other hand, squash has 32 feet long and 21 feet wide, a four-walled court. Squash is generally played indoors and the wall of the squash court should be associated with smashing the ball accurately and properly.

2. Pickleball Paddle vs Squash Racquet

We play pickleball with a paddle, its weight is 7.3-8.3+ ounces and length of the paddle is 27-27.5 inches and its width is 10.63 inches. It’s shorter, wider, and solid. On the other hand, squash is played indoors with a racquet, it has a weight of 125-140g+ an overall length of 27 inches,  width of 8.46 inches.

Unlike the paddle, squash racquets are lengthier and boast a porous or woven design. Its handle is longer than the pickleball paddle. 

3. Balls of Pickleball and Squash

The dissimilarity in construction material, size, and weight of the balls sets Pickleball and squash apart. Pickleball balls (with a diameter ranging from 1.56 to 1.59 inches) are lightweight, perforated, and relatively larger compared to squash balls. Squash balls, on the other hand, are solid, slightly smaller (with a diameter between 2.87 to 2.97 inches), and without holes.

4. Serving Rules of Pickleball vs Squash

Comparing pickleball and squash serving rules reveals several key differences.

The most prominent contrast is the prohibition of overhand shots in pickleball, while squash permits this technique without penalty.

Furthermore, pickleball restricts scoring to the serving player only, whereas squash allows both players to win points independently.

This distinction liberates squash players from being dependent on the server, granting them the opportunity to score even after a server’s fault.

Pickleball vs Squash

Pickleball vs Squash-Similarities

Despite the many contrasting features outlined earlier, both pickleball and squash share some similarities. 

  • Despite their differences, pickleball and squash share some similarities.
  • Both sports require a team of 11 players, and winning by a margin of 2 runs is necessary for victory.
  • The balls used in pickleball and squash have hollow interiors, distinguishing them from solid balls.
  • The disparity in the sizes of their respective courts is minimal.
  • Both sports involve similar techniques, including swinging and paddle control, altering the ball’s direction, and using various effective motions.

Conclusion: Pickleball vs Squash

Indeed, when comparing Pickleball and squash, distinctions emerge regarding court size, racquets, and balls. Nevertheless, certain aspects, such as fundamental skills, player count, and ball internals, remain shared between the two. Now, the decision is yours to make: whether to embrace the excitement of pickleball or the allure of squash.