Andrei Daescu Pickleball Player -Interesting Facts of Life You Must Want To Know[2024]

Andrei Daescu Pickleball

On 18 March 2024, I witnessed the thrilling final Veolia Austin Open 2024 match. This match was between Andrei Daescu/Anna Bright and my favorite pair, Ben Johns/Waters. Andrei Daescu and Anna Bright outclassed the top pair with their unstoppable shots.

The excitement of this match compelled me to know more about Andrei Daescu pickleball player. In this article, I tried to break down his career journey from tennis to pickleball court.

Andrei Daescu Bio

Andrei Daescu is from Bucharest, Romania. He began playing tennis at age 6. His father took him to the nearest park to play pickleball for fun. He learned tennis from his dad initially, but he found it interesting and became a tennis lover.

Andre Agassi remained his favorite tennis player and followed his extravagant style. He chose tennis at 10 as his career sport. His love for tennis took him to Europe to take part in tennis tournaments. At 18, he took a chance of studying on a tennis scholarship at the University of Oklahoma.

He graduated from this university with a degree in human resources management. Five years after his graduation, he became a professional tennis player. His career did not flourish due to his shoulder surgery. As a result, he has to quit tennis.

Andrei Daescu Pickleball Bio

Andrei Daescu Pickleball Player -Complete Bio

Name:- Andrei Daescu
Nickname:-“Andrei the Giant”
Father’s Name:- Not Known
Mother’s Name:- Not Known
Siblings:- Not Known
Native City:-Bucharest, Romania, USA
Present Address:-Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Born:-  28 August 1988(35 Years, 6 Months, 22 Days on 22.03.2024)
Height:-  6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters/193.04 cm)
Weight: – 83.9146 Kg(185 lbs)
Education:- Graduation( Human Resources Management), Oklahoma University, USA
Turned Pro:- 2017
Plays:- Right-handed
Married:- Yes
Wife Name:- Loradana
Children:- Olivia (4 years) and Sienna(2.5 years),
Net Worth:- Approximately $2 million
Girlfriend:- Not yet come to notice. Focusing on his game
Eyes Colors:- Winter Grey
Hair Color:- Lightish Brown
Favorite Paddle:- Proton Series One-Type B 11MM
His Sponsors:-Proton
Favorite Car:-
Favorite Shoes:- K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoes Black and White
Andrei Daescu’s Favorite Hobbies/Part-time Activities:- go-karting, Table Tennis, Traveling, Stand-up comedy, Diving, Watching documentaries and Formula 1.
Favorite Driver in Formula 1:- Lewis Hamilton
Favorite Audiobook:- Maverick: More Than A Game” by Phil Jackson.
Favorite Food:- Brazilian steakhouses
Current Partner of Pickleball:- Anna Bright(Mixed Doubles)
Titles Won:- 27 Medals including 19 Gold, MLP Title, PPA Tour, APP Tour, In Cincinnati, he grabbed his 5th Straight Men’s Doubles Gold.

Ranked:- Men Doubles-25th
Mixed Doubles 24 the,
Current DUPR Rating:-6.97 DOUBLES DUPR
6.62 Singles DUPR

Andrei Daescu Tennis Career

Andrei Daescu’s tennis career started in his childhood at age 6. When he often went to the nearest park with his father. He made Andre Agassi his iconic personality and began to follow him due to his extravagant style.

Initially, he played tennis for fun, but at age 10, he became a serious tennis player. This seriousness took him to Europe to play tennis tournaments at age 12. Tennis opened doors for him at the University of Oklahoma. He studied there on scholarship.

He graduated with a degree in human resource management at the age of 22. He became a professional tennis player after 5 years of his graduation. His tennis career was not prolonged due to shoulder surgery, which stopped his career in 2015. Here is a glimpse of his short tennis career. His highest tennis ranking in doubles is 355th(2, April 2021) and in singles 654th (27 February, 2012)

Andrei Daescu Net worth

Andrei Daescu Pickleball Career

Kyle Yates introduced Andrei Daescu to pickleball, and he started his pro career in 2017. He bagged many impressive victories and became a Palm Beach, Florida coach. He has ratings of 6.92 in doubles and 6.62 in singles. Here is some important detail about his participation in several tournaments and matches:

He is performing his responsibility as the head Pro for Ballen Isles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is also part of the draft for Major League Pickleball (MLP). On 18 March, Andrei/Anna Bright defeated No. 1 pair Ben Johns/Waters in the mixed doubles final of the Veolia Astin Open 2024.

Andrei Daescu Pickleball Paddle

Andrei Daescu plays with a pickleball paddle Proton Series One-Type B 11MM. He has bagged marvelous victories with this paddle, especially in MLP. He succeeded in winning 27 medals, including 19 golds in all competitions. He won, along with his mixed doubles partner Anna Bright, a Veolia Astin Open 2024.

Andrei Daescu Professional Pickleball Association (PPA)

Andrei Daescu has made significant strides in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour. Here are some of his recent achievements:

Andrei Daescu achieved notable victories in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour. Let’s discuss his outstanding few recent achievements:

  • He and his female partner, Anna Bright, outclassed Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters in mixed doubles by taking gold at the Austin Open on March 18, 2024(PPA). It was their first PPA event together due to James Ignatowich’s shoulder injuries.
  • In 2023, he succeeded in winning 27 medals, including 19 golds in all competitions. He won, along with his mixed doubles partner Anna Bright, a Veolia Astin Open 2024. Another achievement was that Andrie and his team, Orlando Squeeze, bagged an MLP championship. They also succeeded in reaching the final in another tournament but remained in second place.
  • c. Andrei Daescu and Gabriel Tardio, ranked 16th, defeated three top eight teams in a men’s doubles pickleball tournament in Mesa, Arizona.
Andrei Daescu Net worth

Andrei Daescu Net Worth

Andrei Daescu’s net worth can be about $ 2 million. Now, we will try to explore his net worth at this point. He grabbed $30252, during his tennis career as prize money. In pickleball, a pro player makes around $50000 per year.

This amount can vary depending on the sponsor. Another reason for the increase in amount is the ever-increasing popularity of pickleball. A pro player’s financial position is described by his victories, sponsorship, and other financial sources.


Andrei Daescu’s transition from tennis to pickleball is an impressive addition. It was the start of his career in pickleball with many victories in his account. His impressive wins and securing medals are testimony to his untiring efforts. He has paved his way with hard work. He is the guiding star for the new players in both sports.

The fans and his fellow players are expecting more outstanding performances. They are expecting some valuable contributions from this pro pickleball player.